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Managed Services
Many business processes as well as your business success are increasingly relying on the continuous availability of your IT environment. As an IT expert, we take your business to the next level in a calculated and reliable way by which you will be gaining time for your core tasks and on top of it saving money.

Most common uses for managed services are telecommunications, printing infrastructure and networks. During the all-around monitoring of a server, including the environment belonging to it, the software and hardware checks will be running around-the-clock (24 x 7). Other tests, like checking the status of the daily backup, will be running on a daily base or, according to settings agreed upon, several times a day. All these checks will be running independently, without you as a user noticing anything.

Managed Services: : Always the all-included service package best fitting your IT company's needs.

Incident management
The incident management process has the function of recording, and swiftly resolving, actual or foreseeable service impairments. Depending on the quality of the incident, one or more (definable) levels of support may be involved:
The process also needs to provide for escalation procedures; for example, calling in further support levels (functional escalation) or alerting management levels (vertical escalation)

Problem management
A distinction must be made between incident and problem management. Incident management aims to restore the service as quickly as possible ? no matter how. The actual cause of an incident is not obvious in all cases. Sometimes the incident can be eliminated through a workaround; this would mean that the unidentified root cause would always lead to similar incidents. Preventing this is the task of problem management. A problem management process consisting of two stages is highly recommended:

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